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EvE On Line Community

This gaming organization, called Clan 30+, exists for the purpose of entertainment
and friendship.Regardless of the Team or game being played, we strive to present
a mature attitude towards our playing,and are playing for the pure enjoyment
of playing (as opposed to the mindset that we must win).However, along the way,
if we should earn a league title, we will be happy to let everyone know that the
"Old folks have kicked some butts!"As opposed to being one huge team,
Clan 30+ is really an association of Teams who share acommon vision regarding playing
for fun and honor on the field of battle. Since we are an association of 30+ Teams,
Clan 30+ does not have an over all Team Leader, but is governed by a Clan 30+ Council.
This document,the Clan 30+ Charter, presents the over all organizational scheme and
"legal" framework of Clan 30+
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