30+ Eve online Community

We appreciate your interest in our corporation. Please review the following to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

1. We are governed by the 30+ Charter. Please read to make sure you agree with it. Per the charter, you should be 30 or over.
2. We run a socalist model. Members are expected to contribute regularly to the corporation. These contributions will be used in turn to finance corporate operations (offices, POS, mineral purchases). Corporate funds will also be paid out to members in the forum of subsided (or free) ship costs, skill books, implants, etc. ISK, minerals, rat loot is all appreciated. We are currently on the honor system where we ask members to donate what they can spare for the greater good. Corporate funds will also be invested in ISK generating operations to enhance the bottom line. If you are an experienced player that has amassed a decent bank account we have no desire to bankrupt you, but contributions are appreciated.
3. Everybody PvPs. If you don't like to pod people or are worried about your implants (we can get you jump clones), we may not be a good fit for you. We have no minimum skill requirements at this time, and will train. We can always use new pilots to jump through a gate to make sure 100 enemy ships aren't waiting on the other side.
4. Everyone gets on voice coms. If you can't get on a particular time due to wife, kids, pets,etc, or can only listen, thats fine, but voice coms are required for corp operations and dangerous stuff. Since we are in 0.0 at the moment, there's a lot of dangerous stuff going on.
5. Observe Alliance standings. As CDC members we are obligated to shoot the people they don't like and not shoot the people they do, your previous relations with other groups not withstanding. If you have to shoot D2 or don't want to shoot Smash (for example, subject to change), then we may not a good fit.

That's pretty much it. We have no skill point requirements, no mandatory operations*, no minimum in game time amounts (obvious inactives will be removed from the corporation however). All time zones are good (the more global we are, the better). Since we have joined the CDC, we do ask our new members to move to the Vale of the Silent area once they have their assets organized and in position (we have a presence at the edge of Forge for jumping off).

Since our jump to 0.0, things have been busy and interesting. At this point in time, new members may feel they are pushed into the deep end, especially if they are new to the game. However, the corp will reimburse reasonable losses, and any member should be able to help answer questions and point you in the right direction. We are organized such that if you see something you think we should be doing, chances are you will be asked to make it happen.

If this interests you, please contact one of our recruiters:

Tekumze Wolf (GMT)

Mindframe (US/Canada)Shady Fark (APAC)or me (Hale Haleson), in game.

in the sense that you don't have to be there if its not a convenient time for you. If you are in game, we'd like you to turn out, especially if its a PvP op (everyone fights).

-Hale Haleson
Elah Elahson
Elah McElah
Elah VonElah